October 28th, 2016 – Helen Bullard: Borrowing Limulus

Borrowing Limulus is a storytelling event featuring Helen Bullard’s work with the horseshoe crab. Q&A to follow with Professor Laurie Beth Clark. Often taking a poetry/prose hybrid form, Helen’s storytelling also includes performance, video work, sculpture, and photography. Her current research is focused around the horseshoe crab; their evolution and natural history, ecology, conservation, and use in medicine.

Borrowing, using, watching. These are just three of the portholes I could have beckoned you through. Into the water, into deep time, through laboratory doors. Into the verve of the horseshoe crab (Limulus), the “living fossils,” the “blue-bloods,” and into my world. For the Terra Incognita Art Series, I will offer a cluster of multi-kingdom limulid-story inroads.

Helen J. Bullard‘s work and research covers a wide range of animal subjects, cultures and (un)natural histories. Her most current and ongoing interests are towards aquatic creatures: whales, eels, jellyfish, and most especially the horseshoe crab. Her fascination with the horseshoe crab (and most specifically their relationship with humans through biomedical use, arachnid aversion, environmental concerns and value systems) is also part of doctoral research at University Wisconsin-Madison, towards a Special Committee Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Arts and Science, anchored through the 4D Arts Department.

Laurie Beth Clark is a Professor of Non-Static Forms in the Art Department of the University of Wisconsin where, since 1985, she has taught studio classes in Video, Performance, and Installations, as well as Special Topics like Collaboration and Relational Aesthetics and more than twenty different academic seminars in Visual Culture Studies.

Location: 110 Science Hall 550 North Park St.

Time: October 28, 2017, 5:00pm

See more: http://humanities.wisc.edu/events/entry/helen-j.-bullard


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