April 2nd, 2017 – Nestle, Brittelle, and Joel Shanahan   

William Brittelle is a North Carolina-born, Brooklyn-based composer of post-genre electro-acoustic music. His work is increasingly multi-disciplinary and often focuses on the intersection of music, technology, environmentalism, and secular spirituality. Current projects include elements of film, performance art, poetry, and ritualism, and often center on the exploration of altered states of being. His compositional style is characterized by a refusal to acknowledge traditional genre boundaries, a trait perhaps most evident in his most recent commercial releases: the digital single Dream Has No Sacrifice (featuring Jenn Wasner on vocals) and the full album Loving the Chambered Nautilus. Written specifically for the players of ACME (the American Contemporary Music Ensemble), Nautilus is a series of electro-acoustic chamber music pieces melding classic synthesizer sounds and drum programming with virtuosic and textured acoustic strings. The album has been hailed as a hallmark of the next wave of classical composition. Following an All Things Considered feature, Nautilus hit #1 on Amazon’s Classical Music Chart. The New York Times labeled the work “bright and joyous”, and MUSO dubbed it “a fast, fun, freedom-fueled flurry of a record”. Perhaps most powerfully, Classical TV stated: “William Brittelle is creating a body of work that has no precedent, and marks him as a one of the most promising heirs of the vital American maverick tradition.” Amid the Minotaurs, a piece commissioned and premiered by Roomful of Teeth, was featured on the group’s Grammy-winning debut album. More information about Brittelle here: http://artlitlab.org/events/nestle-william-brittelle-joel-shanahan

Location: Arts + Literature Laboratory 2021 Winnebago St.

Time: 8:00


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