May 11th, 2018 -Dylan McLaughlin: Cause Lines Performance

CauseLines will take the form of a multimedia musical performance co-presented with the Space Relations Research Collective. This project engages a historic technology of music composition used by people of the Northern Plains. This is a practice of studying horizon-lines from which to create melody and tone repertoire. It is a process of resonating the landscape. Binding geography to culture. Singing the song-lines of belonging. Referencing this pedagogy through a confluence of newer technological platforms. Creating scores from imagery of drone aerial footage that we have generated during times of resistance in places under threat of extractive industries. Places of Cause. This imagery follows natural and human influenced landscapes; river-lines, tree-lines, road-lines, pipe-lines. These are the CauseLines from which we score. The intention of these scores is to invite processes of belonging, clarity of place. Not creating meaning but finding the meaning that already exists. The scores are to be interpreted as song, as dance, as story. It is from the complexity of interpretation, subjectivity of improvisation, that we begin dialogue around how we establish our practice of place. In this work, Dylan explores land-based systems of movement (i.e., river lines, tree lines lines), systems of lineage (i.e., geographies, eco-systems), and systems of culmination (i.e. story and personal narratives). In addition to his performance this event will support multi-disciplinary conversations and mediums to deepen our investigation of place, belonging, home, indigeneity, with landscape as protagonist, and the idea of humans belonging to landscape.

Dylan McLaughlin (b. 1989) uses film as a conduit for discourse and discovery in creative practice, through video portraits and performance art. Driven by inquiries in environment, perception, movement, community, and mythology, he explores “moving within moving systems”. Investigating ecology, improvisation, and process-based practices through inter-disciplinary work with dancers, musicians, and performing artists. McLaughlin uses film as a platform to transcend mediums. Investigating collaboration, dialogue, and facilitation, to expand perception and study. McLaughlin holds a BFA in New Media Arts: Moving Images from the Institute of American Indian Arts in New Mexico, and is currently immersed in Marlboro College’s MAT: Teaching with Technology program in southern Vermont.

Location: Arts + Literature Laboratory, 2021 Winnebago Street

Time: 7:00 PM

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